terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2016


Hello my friends how are you?

Today I just came here to thank you all!!!

You guys rock and make my blog have more and more fun. That's because reached some levels that I did not think I would achieve. In the beginning I used to write only in Portuguese (Brazil), but i saw some people from U.S.A were reading some of my content, wich made me very happy!

In this month i could reach countries like Germany, France and 1 person from Ukraine!!!

This is mind blowing! Most of my posts are about football (Premier League mostly). I think some day expand my content like Bundesliga and Ligue One, who knows?

I know that this is difficult and I won't promise anything, so I only ask for you guys that are reading my posts one thing. Keep reading my posts, just that. It helps me and gives me strenght to write more and more.

I just love you guys! Thank you!

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