terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2016


My story about using IP hiders softwares began last weak. Everything started when I was searching for many kinds of antivirus softwares for my PC, so I decided to download anyone who would appear in front of me. I know it seems crazy to do what I did, but I’m not an expert in technology. To make everything worse, I didn’t know if the website I was looking for the software was the right site, I mean, if it was an official site or another trustful source.

Ok, I downloaded and installed that antivirus in my PC, everything working fine and I was certified that would be protected from everything and everyone. I hope you guys reading this don’t laugh at me, I think most of people who don’t have much knowledge about how Internet nowadays can be harmful, believe that any antivirus can protect themselves.

For my surprise, the antivirus told me MOST of the dangerous beings had been sent to quarantine, I was relieved. But I saw word MOST, and my happiness has gone. So, searching on web I understood that Viruses are just one part of the problem, there are many others suspicious programs like: Trojans, rootkits, malwares, etc . Of course I could’t leave aside that boring toolbars that appears when you install programs. What a Nightmare.

Unfortunatelly I don’t have money to buy an efficient antivirus that does everything. I have to download many kinds of archives in order to maintain my PC health. I had everything undercontrol, until my friend tells me that he was using an efficient program that allows you to hide your IP. So I asked him what is an IP (do you believe that?), he explained me that IP was like a ID document, every computer has a different IP.

One more time I was sitting on my chair and searching what for an IP would be good or not. I understood that IP could be a door for hackers for example, they could find you PC and use this in their favor (your archives, informations, installing programs etc). Hide my IP was at that moment the most important thing I could do, and I couldn´t find any. So I saw the opportunity to write a review about Hide IP in order to win a free PRO license. This is not officially a review but my story with IP begins with Free Hide IP PRO!

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