quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2015


Hello my friends and football lovers!

Today we have the final game of Libertadores, for those who doesn't know the competition, its like CHAMPIONS LEAGUE of SOUTH AMERICA. For the god sake, im not comparing the two competions, im just measuring the importance of each competition for those who fight for the tittle.

Libertadores is not characterized for the beauty of the grass, for the education of the supporters (actually in many games, we can see guards protecting players, avoiding the rocks or waht else the supporters can throw at the players), we barelly can see a good football game. But despite all these and more negative parts of Libertadores, we can always see though games and, sometimes the weakest team can win the competition, this thing we don1t see in Champion League.

So who is gonna take the trophy? River Plate or Tigres?

Let's see.

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