sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015


Hello guys how are you doing?

Well, for those who loves football, today begins the new season of Premier League. I watched Manchester United game x Tottenham, Everton x Watford and now Chelsea x Swansea.

The first game was the opening game of the season, it wasn't a great game, but i wanted to see Romero (GK) and Schweinsteiger (M) in action. Romero made some great defenses in the second half when Tottenham was looking for their gol. The germany midfielder played few minutes in the second half and could't show his talent. In the end manchester United won with an own goal of Walker.

Everton and Watford ended in a draw with 2 goals for each side. The performance of Watford was quite impressive. I think it was the best game of the first round till the moment.

To finish i can talk about Chelsea x Swansea. The game ended in a draw 2x2, like the right before. The two goals of the blue team came with luck, the first Oscar shot the free kick inside the area, and nobody touched in the ball, the goakeeper didm't came in time to make the defense. The second, Willian tried to put the ball in the middle of the area and the ball touched on the Swansea defensor's foot and the ball crossed the goal line.

Well who do you think will get the trophy this season?

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