quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2016

3rd Barcelona T-shirt made by NIKE

Hello guys how are you doing? Today I decided to bring some interesting features about this green Barcelona T-shirt made by NIKE.

We all know that the 3rd kit of almost clubs are totally different from the original club colors.

But I have to admit that these colors are very beautiful. Moreso the sports clothes need to be comfortable.

I know that because I'm like to exercise myself and  sweat a lot...a lot!

It has been a long time since the Dry-FIT technology took the 100% cotton's place. And today the AEROSWIFT technology is the most recent feature from the company.

I still don't know how much better this technology can be. According to the official NIKE site: " The result is a kit that wicks sweat away from the skin 20% faster than NIKE’s most recent football kits, while also drying 25% faster", and " The texturized yarn is fuller than previous iterations, which enables NIKE to use less yarn without risking transparency. As a result, NIKE Vapor kits with NIKE AeroSwift are 10% lighter, with 50% more stretch than the kits they replace". 

Well I'm not being paid to make this article but if NIKE wants to give me some T-shirts to be sure the Aeroswift is so good, I would like to receive some cool stuffs xD.

Of course if this new technology is so good as It says every single person who sweats like a pig (like me) MUST use these T-shirts, because I know how difficult is walk around the streets with an extra weight (weight made by stink and sweat).

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